Back-to-work day! It’s so hectic! Tag a friend or colleague and ask them to ‘tumpang’ order with you.

 We all love the taste and texture of chickens, but what happens when you try our free-range nearly organic chicken?

Introducing our products – with less fat & cholesterol ,more sweety on our succulent chicken, there’s simply no words that can live up to its taste.

Book Now !!!

+6011-1166 4645!!!
 +6011-1166 4645!!!
 +6011-1166 4645!!!

Dari Kiri Puan Shima Amazing Height Klang, Suami Puan Widia Puchong & Tuan Shahril Dari Bandar Putera

We  knows life is so much challenging nowadays.

Keep yourself positive, if life was easy, where would all the adventures be?😉


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